Soul Purpose

Dublin, Ireland


Addendum to terms 01/01/2017

This Addendum to terms in document specific to MUSICIAN and AGENT.

11)    Offer of work/booking:

a)  Offer of work to MUSICIAN: The AGENT upon receipt of CLIENT booking form and booking fee/deposit per booking process (3) will offer CLIENT work to MUSICIAN via “where’s the gig” online automated musicians calendaring and email system (

b)  1st email: From AGENT to MUSICIAN with subject ‘Gig request from Soul Purpose for event on {date}’ is an offer of CLIENT work, showing date, location, CLIENT name and fees relating to the booking.

c)  2nd email: From MUSICIAN to AGENT with subject ‘WheresTheGig: Gig confirmation response from {MUSICIAN name}’ is an acceptance or decline of CLIENT work. MUSICIAN is not obliged to accept offers of work. By accepting a booking MUSICIAN agrees to terms between CLIENT and MUSICIAN as negotiated on behalf of MUSICIAN by AGENT. MUSICIAN acceptance of work offer does not guarantee employment, only upon receipt of AGENT affirmation email is MUSICIAN work assured.

d)  3rd email: From AGENT to MUSICIAN: with subject ‘WheresTheGig: Gig participation confirmation [Soul Purpose]’ is Affirmation and acceptance of CLIENT offer of work to MUSICIAN. The AGENT reserves the right to make line-up changes, for example if MUSICIAN declines a booking, is unwell or unavailable or for any reason choose additional or replacement / alternate musicians for any and all future CLIENT bookings. 

12)    Musician Failure to appear:

a)  MUSICIAN is liable for any costs arising from MUSICIAN cancellations, tardiness or failure to appear for CLIENT confirmed bookings; such costs are limited to MUSICIAN share of the balance of payments. 

13)    Musician fees:

a)  AGENT on behalf of MUSICIAN agrees to negotiate the best possible fees with CLIENT; these fees may vary depending on the CLIENT requirements.

 b)  CLIENT Fee comprises two separate charges and payments as outlined in (5 a).

 c)  Booking Fee/deposit (5 b) paid by the CLIENT to the AGENT is retained until such time the MUSICIAN receives balance of payment portion (5 c) this is to allow for reimbursement of booking fee/deposit in the event of MUSICIAN cancellation of CLIENT booking (7 b)

d)  Balance of payment: The balance is payable directly to the MUSICIAN in cash on the evening of a client event.

e)  Expenses: The CLIENT or AGENT is not liable unless by agreement to pay additional expenses including insurance, travel & meals etc.. 

14)    Equipment:

a)  The MUSICIAN shall provide, upgrade, maintain and replace their equipment where necessary at no cost to AGENT or CLIENT

b)  On occasion the CLIENT may agree to provide equipment for an event as part of the booking negotiations with AGENT.

15)  Musical ensemble/band know as Soul Purpose and agency thereof:

a)  AGENT reserves the right to temporarily or permanently pass on or sell the agency for music ensemble known as Soul Purpose.


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