Soul Purpose

Dublin, Ireland



What’s your set-up?
Soul Purpose is a 7 Piece Band with sound system & lighting available for live performance at your event. Instruments are: Trumpet, Saxophone, Guitar, Keyboard/Organ, Fender Bass, Drums & Vocals.
Does your line-up change often/are there different versions of your band?
Our musicians love the genre and we always have the same regular musicians performing at each gig. There’s no other version of Soul Purpose playing the same night elsewhere in Ireland. If an exceptional occasion arises where a musician is unavailable due to any unforeseen circumstances we ensure we hire only proven professionals to cover them. Current musician Line-up: Bridgett Burke: Vocals, Gavin Quinn: Guitar, Gary Eustace: Bass, Aidan O Donovan: Drums, Ciaran Murphy: Hammond Organ, Owen O Neill: Saxophone, Eoin Grace: Trumpet

How long do we play for?
You are contracting us to perform for 2½ hours this is consists of 2 sets with a 15min break, we usually play background music thru our sound system during the break. We do not include our rig set-up and takedown in this performance time.

Our venue is very small I’m not sure your band will fit in?
We have played every kind of venue imaginable, from living rooms, pubs, theatres, marquees to the RDS. If you really want us to play we’ll bring a rig setup to suit.

What do you wear?
For the band it’s black suits, white shirts and black skinny ties (stylish 1960’s look). Our vocalist’s costumes vary but always in keeping the vibe of the band.

Can we perform as a smaller band eg 4 or 5 piece band?
Some clients ask can we perform as a smaller band? Sorry, we’re a tight unit of soul brothers, we love the music and strive to produce the best quality and unique performance on the soul scene in Ireland, leaving out any part of the line-up would only compromise our high quality show.

Do you travel nationwide?
Yes, we're based in Dublin and we're available to perform nationwide.

First Dance; We have a special first dance song in mind, can you play it?
Yes no problem as part of our standard service we can play your choice of first dance, give us some advance notice and we’ll play your favourite tune on the night.  Or if you’d prefer  the original recording by a specific artist we can play it on our iPod.

Your set list is good but I want to make lots of changes ?
We always try and accommodate reasonable requests but if you want quite a lot of specific tracks not in our set, it’s best to leave that to the DJ. 

What Songs do you play?
We work from our existing set list. We are experts at “reading the crowd” and we always maintain a high level of entertainment modifying our set on the fly to suit the mood of your guests. (Our set is always being added to, so we can email you a current track listing if required)
What about cancellations?
If you want to cancel a confirmed booking
up to 2 days before of event we do not require payment. under all circumstances your initial booking fee/deposit is non-refundable. Please notify cancellations via email to For full details on cancellations see our terms

What time do you get there at?
Typically for an evening event we are on site between 7:30pm & 8.00pm and will coordinate our set-up/performance with you and venue personnel to best work around your schedule on the evening. For daytime events we’re setup and sound checked about an hour before we’re needed.

How do we change an already confirmed date?
When a client requests a change of confirmed booking, up to 6 months in advance we will try and accommodate pending availability. However within 6 months of booking a change of date is treated as a cancellation and pending our availability the new date will be treated like a new booking and we will require a new deposit.

What time do you start to play?
Music starting times may vary depending on the progress of your event, we are flexible and will be on site in plenty of time, typically we start between 9:00pm -10:30pm and finish between 11.30pm - 1:00am we will work around your schedule on the evening

Who is our point of contact?
Our bass playing admin guy is Gary Ph: 086 8169902

We'd like you to setup early in the day to minimise disruption?
No Problem yes we can. Typically we setup on the night of the even and it’s rarely requested but if there's a requirement to set-up our rig early in the daytime well before the event commences, we can accommodate. There is an additional charge associated with this service.

What Deposit / Booking fee is required?
A €200 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit / booking fee is required. Paying the deposit /booking fee indicates acceptance of our terms. Once we confirm a date, all new enquiries for this date are declined. 

Do you play music at your midway break?
Yes, this is included to keep the atmosphere going during our break. We play a selection of tracks through our sound system.
Balance of Payment?
Private Bookings: For one-off private bookings e.g. weddings, birthdays, private parties, all balance of payments must be settled with our musicians in cash on the night of performance.

Corporate Bookings: Organisations and companies (eg: Pubs, Night Clubs, company annual parties, festival organisations etc.) please contact us in advance in order make payment/invoice arrangements, the Soul Purpose Partnership is registered in Ireland.

My musician friend/relative wants to play a tune:
If you’re confident in advance your friend/relative is up to it and it’ll add to the evening’s craic we’ve no problem backing them up. Stage hoggers, mic grabbers and deluded "rock stars" are discouraged, especially after they’ve had a few pints. Regarding using our instruments, some of our instruments are setup specifically for our musicians and may not be the most suitable for all players so call to discuss in advance and we can sort something out.

Do Soul Purpose require a stage?
If there’s one in the venue we’ll gladly use it but no panic if there’s not.

Band Backdrop
We setup a light which shines “Soul Purpose” behind the band.


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